Barzilai Foundation Creates Scholarship at University of Gibraltar

Barzilai Foundation Creates Scholarship at University of Gibraltar

The Barzilai Foundation is dedicated to delivering educational access to high-potential students whose academic journey is obstructed by financial barriers. To further our commitment to this cause, we have launched our first-ever full scholarship program in partnership with the University of Gibraltar.

The Barzilai Foundation Scholarship will provide educational access for promising students who cannot fully fund their studies through other scholarships or their own finances. The scholarship is designated for students enrolling in select fields of study, such as nursing, maritime science, and environmental science, that provide strong employment opportunities.

“We are extremely grateful to the Barzilai Foundation for this scholarship which will enable deserving students to enroll on higher education programmes at the University of Gibraltar," said Krystle Robba, Registrar at the University of Gibraltar.

Candidates will demonstrate evidence of their financial need or extenuating circumstances as part of their application.­ The scholarship will cover all tuition fees for the academic year and can be renewed for subsequent years, assuming continued enrollment and satisfactory academic progress.

This scholarship supports candidates who are not eligible for a HM Government of Gibraltar grant via the Department of Education and may fall through the cracks of support, for example residents recently relocating to Gibraltar, mature students who no longer qualify for a grant, regional and international students and mature students pursuing a secondary degree, for example.

“We know that for many people, life doesn’t go in a straight line,” said Brandon Sosa, CEO of the Barzilai Foundation. “This program provides support to people whose path has wound around difficulties, barriers, or surprises. This will be the the first of multiple scholarship programs we will be launching globally.”