Partnering to Amplify Impact

At the Barzilai Foundation we believe in collaboration, not competition with other support organisations.

This means our programs often start with finding the right partner. By creating strategic partnerships we are able to leverage community connections, skillsets and capabilities.

Our partners are as diverse as the work we do and include charities, universities, colleges, secondary schools, government organisations and other foundations. The one thing all our partners have in common is a mission to create positive impacts in the lives of others.

  • BigHope


    BigHope, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded by Oren O'Neal, an engineer and retired NFL player, is dedicated to preparing students in underserved Dallas communities for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) opportunities. Through robotics, coding, mentoring, and other programs, BigHope has engaged over 2500 students in the Dallas Independent School District, providing hands-on experiences from pre-Kindergarten to high school. By bridging gaps and inspiring future professionals, the organization is a catalyst for positive change in the community.

  • Calpe House GA

    Calpe House GA

    Calpe House was established in 1990 to provide accommodation and support for Gibraltar residents travelling to London for medical treatment. The charity outgrew its first property in London and in 2018 acquired a residence in Norfolk Square, near St Mary’s Hospital, where thousands of patients and their families have since stayed. It is a friendly ‘home from home’ where they benefit from practical, emotional and psychological support at a time in their lives when they feel most vulnerable. The service is available to residents undergoing a consultation or receiving treatment under the Gibraltar Health Authority Sponsored Patient Scheme.

  • Cancer Relief Gibraltar

    Cancer Relief Gibraltar

    Cancer Relief Gibraltar has been supporting people living with cancer in Gibraltar for 40 years. It offers of a range of free clinical care and holistic support services, aimed at helping those affected by cancer to live well. Supporting care excellence, cancer prevention, early detection and promoting living well with and beyond a cancer diagnosis. Two distinct specialist professional nursing services; the Community Hospice Outreach (HOS) and the Centre Nursing team, including 14 holistic wellbeing therapies and other support services are available. As the leading support organization in Gibraltar for cancer patients and their families, including Hospice community care, it works closely with the Gibraltar Health Authority as part of cancer care services.

  • Chetana Global Foundation

    Chetana Global Foundation

    The Chetana Global Foundation has been serving communities in India and the United States since 2016. The word Chetana (Che-TAH-nah) derives from a Sanskrit word meaning “consciousness”, which is the core value the organization emerged from. With over 300 active volunteers, the Foundation provides a range of programs that invest in the community and support disadvantaged individuals. The programs specifically target empowering vulnerable individuals and communities, fighting hunger, providing education and creating environment awareness.

  • Dar El Hana Association

    Dar El Hana Association

    Dar El Hanna was started in 1961 and cares for the wellbeing of physically and/or mentally disabled people, from childhood to eighteen years of age. In some severe cases the individuals will remain in residence for life.

    The organisation provides a safe environment for residents to thrive. Residents have the chance to obtain education and the association facilitates access to medical care and provide access to vocational training. Through the work of the association many residents are able to achieve employment, and lead happy, productive lives.

  • EV Foundation Trust

    EV Foundation Trust

    Established in Gibraltar in 2013, the EV Foundation’s mission is to support disadvantaged families who cannot afford basic necessities such as food, clothing, rent, utilities or essential household items. The charity advocates for vulnerable individuals, but also empowers them by providing extra-curricular educational support to families who are unable to fund it themselves and professional training and work experience opportunities. Amongst the charity’s successful fundraising appeals have been initiatives to supply school uniforms and school lunches for children in Gibraltar and Spain whose families cannot afford to provide them.

  • MiracleFeet


    Founded in 2010 by a social entrepreneur and parents of children born with clubfoot, MiracleFeet is the largest global organization solely dedicated to eliminating untreated clubfoot. Each year, 200,000 babies are born with the condition, which causes one or both feet to turn inwards and upwards, making walking painful and difficult and subjecting children to a lifetime of marginalization. 95% of cases can be treated using the non-surgical Ponseti Method, which involves a series of casts and a nighttime brace, yet less than 15% of children globally have access to it. MiracleFeet increases access to this treatment through clinics and partnerships in 36 low- and middle-income countries, treating over 90,000 children to date.

  • National Benevolent Charity

    National Benevolent Charity

    Originally known as The National Benevolent Institution, the charity traces its origins to 1812 when its precursors raised money for those unable to fend for themselves because of age or sickness. Today, it provides direct financial support to individuals in the UK experiencing poverty during a time of crisis, distributing vouchers for food, household items and bedding. Many of its recipients are women under 40 who have experienced a personal setback; have caring responsibilities; or are suffering from physical or mental ill health. The charity also provides grants to frontline organisations working with marginalised people.

  • RifCom


    RifCom is a non-profit organisation dedicated to making positive impacts in the Rif Mountain region of Morocco. Run entirely by volunteers from Gibraltar and Spain, RifCom partners with local authorities and councils to conduct collaborative projects that provide up-skilling that local residents would otherwise be unable to receive. Projects and programs focus on generating income for local communities while also demonstrating sustainability and conservation of local resources.

  • Sankar Foundation

    Sankar Foundation

    For over 26 years, Sankar Foundation has been unwavering in its mission to deliver high-quality, affordable, and comprehensive eye care services to the communities of the North Coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh and the neighbouring state of Odisha. Sankar Foundation offers a diverse range of specialized treatments and has provided screenings for over 2.5 million individuals, and over 367,000 surgeries for less fortunate members of the community.

    Sankar has a large team of over 300 experienced eye specialists and patient care professionals. Sankar Foundation remains steadfast in its commitment to making a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals by ensuring the preservation and restoration of the precious gift of sight.

  • University of Gibraltar

    University of Gibraltar

    The University of Gibraltar offers its students high quality, in person teaching and UK-aligned standards in a unique, safe and multicultural location. The University provides meaningful placements and work experience opportunities resulting in an exceptional student experience and high percentage of graduates in employment within 6 months of graduating. In line with the UK Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) requirements, all University of Gibraltar degrees are regularly audited by experienced, external examiners from the UK.

  • University of Wisconsin-Madison

    University of Wisconsin-Madison

    Founded in 1848, the University of Wisconsin–Madison is widely ranked as a top university globally. As a major research institution, the University’s students, staff, and faculty engage in a world-class education while solving real-world problems. With public service — or as it’s known at the University, the Wisconsin Idea — as a guiding principle, Badgers are creating a better future for everyone.

    The Division of Continuing Studies (DCS) at UW–Madison is committed to supporting lifelong learning and to creating educational value that successfully equips learners for aspects of their life journey. DCS supports a wide-range of aspirations including: upskilling for work, preparing for an academic endeavour, pursuing a personal interest, leading an organization, functioning better as a team, and enhancing an entire community.

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