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The Barzilai Foundation was born from an acknowledgement.

Throughout his career, David Barzilai established a formidable track record of acquiring and unlocking value in small technology companies, achieving both personal and company success.

While this was in part a product of David’s effort and skills, he knew that there was more to the equation. He understood that in many cases, factors beyond someone’s control can be the key difference between success and failure. David had seen this over and over again in business, but also in life: one obstacle can cast a shadow across years of someone’s life.

David pictured a foundation where he could more personally and directly impact the lives of others whose circumstances were not as fortunate, reflecting:

"Some people are dealt a really bad hand or stuck on a path headed to negative outcomes. No matter how much they want to improve their lives, or how hard they work, they're trapped by circumstances beyond their control. I'm at a point in my life where I have the resources and means to take a direct approach and help people overcome very difficult situations. If I can be part of someone's life for a moment and give them support and opportunity; and in turn they're better off for a lifetime, to achieve independence or to unlock their true potential, I see that as an amazing return on that investment."

This vision led David to partner with Brandon Sosa, CEO of the Barzilai Foundation, and launch an organisation that would create significant impact through bespoke initiatives rather than blanket causes.

By tailoring the foundation’s work to the needs of individuals, its efforts translate to deep impact on a personal level, enabling individuals whose potential was being obstructed to overcome those challenges and chart a course for a better life.

Like David, Brandon is fuelled by a passion to positively impact others. Having recently concluded the latest phase of his career, as a consulting managing director and strategic advisor, Brandon arrived at the Barzilai Foundation in search of a way to centre himself around meaningful, purpose-driven work.

“In my own life there have been multiple situations where I could have become another statistic," Brandon said. "I’ve faced life threatening illness and challenges that seemed insurmountable, really destined to undermine any chance of success or living a life I could be proud of. My ability to get through those moments went well beyond my own desire and effort, and I’ve been blessed with people who invested in my life journey, good fortune, and opportunity. In turn, I want to change lives, to be proud of my work, and to have work that I am proud to share with my family. Here at the Barzilai Foundation, I can deliver on that every single day.”

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