Our Vision

Our Vision

Our lone goal is profound impact: to move people beyond precarious life moments to an inspiring trajectory. At the Barzilai Foundation, we recognise that circumstances beyond a person’s control can mean the difference between security and struggle. Our work focuses on these situations where despite an individual’s hard work and effort, their welfare is at risk or opportunity severely impaired.

Through our impact initiatives and community partnerships, the Barzilai Foundation is building a vibrant, diverse community of people who share one common characteristic: we team with them and find the power to navigate challenging moments and dramatically improve their quality of life. We have the scale and the agility to meet them where they are and elevate them somewhere that was previously out of reach. We aim for an impact that reverberates for the rest of their lives, inspiring them to lift up others in turn.

Our Story

The Barzilai Foundation was born from an acknowledgement. Sometimes a person's future can be decided not by their effort or desire, but by circumstances beyond their control that derail their path forward.

Our Team

The Barzilai Foundation team brings diverse experience and expertise coupled with a common passion to positively impact the lives of others. Learn more about our Foundation's leadership, advisors and our organisational partners.

We are extremely grateful to the Barzilai Foundation for this scholarship which will enable deserving students to enroll in higher education programmes at the University of Gibraltar”

Krystle Robba

Registrar of University of Gibraltar

I want to say thank you to the EV Foundation and The Barzilai foundation for helping me when I needed it the most, for helping me when I thought I had no one. I am so thankful for everything they have done and continue to do for me. It has been a great impact in my life.”


Barzilai Apprentice Program - Apprentice

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...sometimes you get financial investment but no follow-through, and that's definitely not the way it is with the Barzilai Foundation. This project matches us really well. We're all about empowerment, and the Barzilai Foundation is about empowering people to take control of their life..."

Gráinne McKenna

CEO - Cancer Relief Gibraltar

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Meet Our Team

Our team shares a passion for impacting lives.

Creating Opportunity

Learn about our work facilitating growth in aspiring individuals