Annual Impact Report

Annual Impact Report

The Barzilai Foundation has launched our first Annual Impact Report for calendar year 2023.
We came into the year as a new foundation with a clear mission and long way to go to figure out how we would execute on that mission. Over the course of the year, we worked hard to define who we are. We connected with communities, developed partnerships with other support organisations and created programs to reach individuals in need.
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We are delighted to be announcing this Access to Nursing Bursary. Employability is a key focus for the University and providing opportunities for individuals to further their career goals lies at the heart of the University’s mission.”

Krystle Robba

Registrar of University of Gibraltar

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This job is not only letting me stand on my own two feet and lead a better life for me and my family, but also to support others through their hardships and remind them that there is support out there. I want to be part of other people’s journey.” 


Barzilai Apprentice Program - Apprentice

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...sometimes you get financial investment but no follow-through, and that's definitely not the way it is with the Barzilai Foundation. This project matches us really well. We're all about empowerment, and the Barzilai Foundation is about empowering people to take control of their life..."

Gráinne McKenna

CEO - Cancer Relief Gibraltar

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The positive impact of this grant won’t just be for me, by helping me achieve my education goals. This grant will also have broader societal benefits by helping address healthcare needs and support for community well-being. I really hope that I can make an impact once I qualify as a nurse, by providing the community with the best possible care.


Bursary Recipient - Access to Healthcare Course

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We regularly work with people who are in a tenuous situation. We’re thrilled to have a partner in the Barzilai Foundation that shares our vision for bringing comfort and capability to the patients we host.”
Albert Poggio OBE GMH

Chairman - Calpe House GA

I promise I will make good marks in school and complete all my studies. I want to be able to take care of my mother who has taken care of me. I am extremely grateful for the leg braces, crutches, the laptop and lessons that will make it possible for me to achieve my dreams and take care of my family.


Aspiring Student and Exceptional Need Grant Recipient

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