Inaugural Cohort for Barzilai Foundation Scholarships at University of Gibraltar

The Barzilai Foundation recently launched our first-ever full scholarship program, in partnership with the University of Gibraltar. The Barzilai Foundation Scholarship ( provides educational access for promising students who have a proven track record of academic success and for whom financial barriers would be prevent them from pursuing higher education. We are proud to announce our inaugural recipients, David Csaszar and Juanma Corte Diego.

The scholarship applicant pool was highly competitive and featured applicants from across the globe, seeking to further their education and career aspirations at the University.

“We were very excited to see such a strong turnout of applicants,” said Brandon Sosa, CEO of the Barzilai Foundation. “It was a difficult process for the selection team to narrow the field, but seeing the stories of all these aspiring scholars was truly uplifting.”

Juanma has excelled in his schooling and was elected by his peers as representative of his secondary school. Over the past few years Juanma has been heavily involved in local community support and charity, while also broadening his exposure to culture and languages by studying abroad. He will be pursuing a degree in Business Administration.

David’s history of academic success was complemented by a proven work ethic and passion for his chosen field of study, Maritime Science. While completing his schooling David worked hard in the family business, helping support the business as the family navigated difficult times. He also pursued part time employment in the maritime industry to help earn extra household income while gaining experience for a future career.

The recipients were asked what this scholarship meant to them:

“The scholarship granted me a fantastic opportunity to complete my higher education and lay the foundation for a successful career. It's astonishing how such generosity can profoundly transform a person's life and steer them towards a bright future,” responded David.

Juanma added, “For me to receive the scholarship from Barzilai Foundation was one of the best things that has ever happened to me. They have given me the opportunity to study at the University of Gibraltar, given me the chance to get an excellent academic experience and also get a job in the future working for the best companies of Gibraltar and all over the world.”

The Barzilai Foundation is dedicated to supporting high-potential students whose future success is hindered by financial barriers. We are proud to support our scholarship recipients as they work to earn their degrees and build a better future for themselves and their families.