Access to Nursing Bursary Inaugural Cohort of Recipients

In March, the Barzilai Foundation launched their Higher Education Access initiative with the announcement of a bursary for students in financial need enrolled in the University of Gibraltar’s Access to Nursing course. We are proud to announce that the inaugural cohort of recipients has been selected and awarded.

The Access to Nursing Bursary is designed for students who do not necessarily have the entry requirements to join the BSc Adult Nursing and typically work in a healthcare setting. By providing a path to undergraduate education and subsequent employment in a high-need field, the bursary aims to create financial stability for recipients by allowing access to further career opportunities.

This first cohort consists of 12 recipients who demonstrated a passion to change their circumstance through education and in significant financial need. Among the recipients are:

  • A nursing assistant who started working at a young age and could never afford to stop working to advance her education, who took out personal loans to pay for this course.
  • Eight current GHA employees whose current positions range from administration, to nursing assistants to catering department. All of them looking to make an even greater impact on the community as nurses and to progress their careers.
  • A single mother of a young child, who sees this course as the most viable path to provide greater financial stability for her family and had to take out loans to enroll in this course.
  • Multiple students who became school leavers early to support themselves or their families financially and for whom this course is an opportunity to get back on track to advance their education and career prospects.

“Each of our recipients shows a passion to help others, many of them already doing that in their work or personal lives,” said Brandon Sosa, CEO of the Barzilai Foundation. “We’re thrilled to help them get past the obstacles that have been blocking them from further pursuing that passion.”

Krystle Robba, Registrar of the University of Gibraltar, added, “It gives me great pleasure to announce the first class of recipients of this bursary. The University focuses on driving employability, and it is great to have this bursary, which will assist these students in their study and career path.”

“We know that education is a critical tool to improving people’s social mobility, but for the people that need it the most, it feels the least attainable,” said Sosa. “With this bursary, we’re knocking down that wall. These students are embarking on a better life for themselves and their families. It’s an incredibly unique opportunity, for them and for us to be able to help.”