Bursary Recipient Pursuing Nursing Degree

In 2023, our Foundation launched its first program supporting Access to Education, providing bursaries to students pursuing a pathway to a nursing degree through University of Gibraltar’s Access to Healthcare Course (read more here). Recently, we had the opportunity to reconnect with Amanda, a member of that cohort pursuing her degree in nursing. Amanda successfully completed the Access to Healthcare Course and was accepted by the University into the Bachelor of Science in Adult Nursing degree program.

Amanda has a track record of hard work that she is applying to her educational journey. As an early school leaver, Amanda started working in the healthcare industry to help support her household. She was able to grow her career to become a nursing assistant. Now, a degree in nursing would allow her to take a major leap forward and become a nurse.

Amanda doesn’t qualify for a government grant to support her education, but she has pushed forward with her education regardless. Despite the financial strain the tuition for her degree program creates, she is undeterred knowing that the long-term payoff will benefit her and her family immensely.

When we connected with Amanda, she shared with us how she was making it all work: juggling two part-time jobs on top of her course load and taking on loans to cover the remaining educational costs.

“When I found out I was not eligible for the government grant I did not let that stop me,” Amanda said. “I promised I would stick to a disciplined mindset to pursue my dream.”

“We are so impressed with Amanda’s drive and determination,” said Brandon Sosa, CEO of the Barzilai Foundation. “The idea behind the bursary was to find students who were passionate about changing their circumstance through education, and to see one of our bursary recipients fight to overcome challenges makes us even more proud of the support we are giving these scholars.”

Despite this challenge, Amanda has persevered and continued to progress towards her degree. The Foundation has stepped in to provide a grant that will cover Amanda’s remaining tuition for the academic year, allowing her to focus on her studies.

“The positive impact of this grant won’t just be for me, by helping me achieve my education goals,” Amanda reflected. “This grant will also have broader societal benefits by helping address healthcare needs and support for community well-being. I really hope that I can make an impact once I qualify as a nurse, by providing the community with the best possible care.”

2023 cohort of Access to Healthcare bursary recipients

The university's Access to Nursing Course is designed for individuals who don’t have a standard path to the healthcare degree programs. Our first cohort included several healthcare professionals looking to step up in their careers, single parents and early school leavers who are now working to complete a degree program as adult students.

We are proud of our recipients for completing their access programs and for those who are now in their degree program.