Barzilai Foundation supports low-income students accessing higher education and meaningful careers

2023 Bursary Recipients

Barzilai Foundation supports low-income students accessing higher education and meaningful careers

As the first program in its Higher Education Access initiative, the Barzilai Foundation has collaborated with University of Gibraltar to support low-income students. The Foundation’s support comes via bursaries for students with financial need enrolled in the Access to Nursing course.

The Barzilai Foundation’s mission is to provide point in time, customized support to individuals whose potential is limited, or welfare threatened by adverse circumstances. Education and upskilling are not readily accessible for certain populations, and without them, the ability to be financially stable or climb out of a paycheck-to-paycheck standard of living is almost unattainable. For individuals who come from low-income households, financial support can remove the barrier to completing a degree, or even attempting higher education.

Studies show that children who grow up in financially stable households and have parents with higher education, are for more likely to achieve their own financial stability. Creating a multi-generation impact through education access resonates strongly with the missions of both the University and Foundation.

The Access to Nursing course is specifically designed to give individuals who currently do not have a path to enrolling and completing an undergraduate degree the opportunity to prove themselves and earn the necessary entry requirements. Furthermore, the course is centered on creating real world employability in an area of great need, nurses and healthcare professionals. 

“We are delighted to be announcing this Access to Nursing Bursary,” commented Krystle Robba, Registrar of University of Gibraltar. “Employability is a key focus for the University and providing opportunities for individuals to further their career goals lies at the heart of the University’s mission.”

Foundation CEO Brandon Sosa added, “I have directly benefitted from having a mother climb out of low-paying, manual jobs through education and achieving a certificate. That certificate changed my life and the life I am able to provide for my family. I hope to see these bursaries change the lives of families in the same way.”