Talented Student Pursuing Dream Career at Prestigious Institution

When we met Gino Ochello, a remarkable 16-year-old from Gibraltar, we saw someone facing an obstacle that is all too familiar: a talented student with an amazing opportunity, but financial barriers standing in the way. Gino Ochello, is not only an exceptional student, securing 11 GCSEs with top marks, but also exceptional talent in the performing arts. Gino’s exceptional talent was demonstrated when he beat out hundreds of students for a scholarship to ArtsEd, one of the preeminent Musical Theatre schools in the United Kingdom.

However, even with the scholarship and some other partial support, the reality was that ArtsEd tuition constituted a substantial Portion of the family’s annual income – making it simply unaffordable, even before thinking about Gino’s accommodations in London and other costs. His family, unwilling to let the opportunity pass, was considering drastic financial means to free up money for Gino’s education.

“When I spoke with Gino and his father, giving up was not an option they wanted to consider,” said Brandon Sosa, CEO of the Barzilai Foundation. “An opportunity like this isn’t just a path to a degree, but a pathway to a career and a future. When we support an individual’s education, we are interested in the long-term career potential the education will enable. In Gino’s case it is a direct path from this program to his future career.”

The Barzilai Foundation sponsored a portion of Gino’s tuition and educational costs that were not covered by his scholarship. Gino's story embodies the Foundation's commitment to removing barriers for individuals with strong potential, ensuring that financial constraints do not impede their dreams.

When the opportunity presented itself to train in my dream college, I was overwhelmed with joy and gratitude, feeling as if all my hard work from my years of training had been validated and recognized,” Gino shared. “This bursary granted me the chance to have a shot at pursuing my greatest passion and turning it into a profession in the future.”