Access to Healthcare 2024 Bursary Cohort

Higher education is a powerful tool for securing financial stability, emerging from poverty, and paving a path to a productive future. For individuals who steered away from the path to higher education as teenagers, though, the door to that productive future can seem shut forever. Access programs extend a second chance for a university education to individuals who are willing to work hard for the opportunity, provided they can find a way to financially make it work.

This is why in 2023, the Barzilai Foundation launched our Higher Education Access initiative with a bursary for students in financial need enrolled in the University of Gibraltar’s Access to Healthcare course. Following that successful launch, we are proud to present the second annual cohort of recipients who are completing the course.

The Access to Healthcare Bursary is designed for students who typically work in a healthcare setting and do not necessarily have the entry requirements to join the BSc Adult Nursing. The bursary aims to create financial stability for recipients by providing a path to undergraduate education and subsequent employment and career opportunities in a high-need field.

The 2024 cohort consists of 6 recipients who, like the 12 recipients in 2023, demonstrated a passion to change their circumstance through education and were in a position of significant financial need. This year’s cohort included:

  • Multiple healthcare professionals using this program to find a new path around obstacles to progressing in their career
  • Multiple students pursuing this degree as a way to provide for their family as a single parent
  • Students also caring for children, spouses, or parents with special needs

In addition, every single recipient is working part-time or full-time while pursuing this degree, an indication of their determination to succeed.

“One of our recipients is a mother who left education long ago to start a family and is returning to it now that her children are of age,” said Brandon Sosa, CEO of the Barzilai Foundation. “That passion is something all these recipients share in common. We’re proud to be entering the second year of this bursary, and to be supporting people with such fire and determination.”

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