Scholarship Fund Created at University of Wisconsin-Madison

As part of our ongoing commitment to delivering educational access to high-potential at-risk students, the Barzilai Foundation is proud to announce the launch of our first United States based scholarship program in partnership with the University of Wisconsin–Madison Division of Continuing Studies.

The scholarship will provide financial support for adult students who are working to fulfil their potential, have financial need and are facing or have overcome significant extenuating circumstances. The scholarship is designated for students pursuing fields of study that demonstrate strong employment prospects for new graduates.

“We have a long-standing commitment to providing adult students the education they need to reach their full potential, recognizing that their situations often differ from those following a more traditional college pathway,” said Martin Rouse, Director of Adult Career and Special Student Services at UW–Madison Continuing Studies. “Through this generous scholarship from the Barzilai Foundation, we can make accessing education even easier for students who are overcoming obstacles and welcome them into our growing community of committed adult learners.”

The scholarship will cover tuition for the academic year and can be renewed for subsequent years, assuming continued enrollment and satisfactory academic progress. In addition to cases of financial need, the scholarship is intended for adult students in unique or extenuating circumstances, such as single parents, students returning to school after prolonged illness, victims recovering after fleeing a dangerous situation, or those with other major life challenges.

“I am grateful that we are able to expand our support of access to education with a prestigious institution like the University of Wisconsin–Madison,” said Brandon Sosa, CEO of the Barzilai Foundation. “We are all about people who want to improve their futures and are willing to work for it. Education is a tool that can give these people the way to achieve that future. Unfortunately lack of financial means is a barrier that closes that door for many. I am so proud that our foundation can work to open that door.”