Hardship Grants for Vulnerable Families

Hardship Grants for Vulnerable Families

In November, the Barzilai Foundation partnered with the EV Foundation to support vulnerable families experiencing hardships, and to provide professional development opportunities. The EV Foundation, one of Gibraltar’s most recognized charities focuses on supporting low-income families in building themselves up for a more healthy, safe and successful lives. The Barzilai Foundation’s support will enable this mission by providing grants for families experiencing momentary hardships and funding professional development opportunities. For those in need this will allow them to avoid the outsized financial impacts low-income families face when dealing with life challenges, while also providing upskill opportunities to assist individuals working to improve their financial security.

Founded in 2022, the Barzilai Foundation’s mission is to provide opportunity for individuals whose progress in life is threatened with life challenges or negative circumstances. The Foundation creates impact initiatives that leverage community partnerships and amplify the support of these individuals, giving them assistance and opportunity to navigate challenging moments and own their path to improving their quality of life.

Breaking A Cycle of Hardship

For low-income families, life challenges such as broken boilers or unpaid training for new jobs; often come at the cost of bad-debt or going without, furthering a cycle of financial insecurity. Additionally, for those in this cycle the ability to develop professional skills that will allow greater income potential are often out of reach obstructing a path out of financial duress. “These families that are trying to avoid poverty and fight their way out of financial instability are often overlooked,” says Nicole Jones, founder of the EV Foundation. “This isn’t just about financial assistance; it’s about hope that they can build a better life and giving them a chance to break free from cycle they are in.”

“The Barzilai Foundation’s mission is to support individuals who are willing to fight to improve their lives and the lives of their families.” said Brandon Sosa, CEO of Barzilai foundation. “The EV Foundation has a track record of finding and working with people in that situation. We are excited to provide these individuals focused support for one-off hardships as well as proactively providing opportunities for them to upskill and take control of their financial future.”

Building a Brighter Future

This support of The EV Foundation, coupled with support of the Calpe House GA, represent a first step in the Barzilai Foundation’s commitment to supporting the Gibraltar community. The Foundation will be expanding support for vulnerable individuals in the community as well as expanding its partnerships with local charitable organizations.

“In this community, there is great opportunity to support individuals working to improve their lives, or to rebound from difficult life circumstances,” reflected Sosa. “I am excited about seeing the impact of this first wave of support, but also about the conversations already underway on how we will do more in Gibraltar to create opportunity for better lives.”