Hardship Grants for Individuals Dealing with Cancer Diagnosis

Hardship Grants for Individuals Dealing with Cancer Diagnosis

In April, the Barzilai Foundation expanded their Hardship Grant Program through a new initiative with Cancer Relief Gibraltar. Since 1983, Cancer Relief has supported cancer patients in Gibraltar, empowering them, their families, friends, and carers to cope with the challenges cancer brings. Through this initiative, Cancer Relief and the Barzilai Foundation are providing emergency support to individuals impacted by cancer who face urgent financial need.

This initiative addresses the reality that for some cancer patients, challenges can stack up quickly and the impacts can be felt in many ways.

“Cancer Relief Charity services focus on the full picture of what a cancer patient faces, we have built our organization around that concept,” said Gráinne McKenna, CEO of Cancer Relief. “This grant program helps patients who face a different kind of hardship, outside of the clinical setting and away from the treatment clinic. With the Barzilai Foundation’s support, we can help those patients who are at risk in other ways.”

Brandon Sosa, CEO of the Barzilai Foundation added, “We see this as a critical way we can show up for patients in need. A battle with cancer can be a formidable challenge that hits you in every way imaginable. Through this initiative, we intend to keep patients from spiralling into a bad financial situation, or even losing track of their basic needs.”

For the Barzilai Foundation this is a logical extension for their grant work. The Hardship Grant Program has already provided over two dozen grants to individuals and families throughout Europe, and adding Cancer Relief as the newest partner expands the program’s focus to include those dealing with a life altering diagnosis.

“Our hope is to be able to provide support that arrives at the right time and will make a significant impact on people’s lives,” reflected Sosa. “We are in the corner of people who are facing steep challenges but are determined to get through them. I am excited to see the impact this initiative will have for these individuals.”