Partnering with Cancer Relief Gibraltar to extend support for cancer patients

Partnering with Cancer Relief Gibraltar to extend support for cancer patients

In May, the Barzilai Foundation announced a new pilot program with Cancer Relief Gibraltar to reimagine local cancer support. Since 1983, Cancer Relief has supporting cancer patients in Gibraltar, empowering them to cope with the challenges cancer brings. This new program provides support to cancer patients during all phases of their treatment, from pre-habilitation through rehabilitation.

Expanded Support

Through this program, the Barzilai Foundation and Cancer Relief will provide additional support to the Gibraltar Health Authority’s physiotherapy resources for cancer patients. Cancer Relief’s new “prehabilitation” services will aim to prepare patients physically, emotionally, and psychologically for the stressful journey of cancer care, with an end goal of improved health outcomes. The pilot will also provide improved rehabilitation resources for patients emerging from treatment.

“Research shows that patients who receive prehabilitative services are more ready for the journey and achieve stronger results,” said Gráinne McKenna, CEO of Cancer Relief. “We have long pursued this new service as a standard of care we provide for our patients, and we’re thankful that the Barzilai Foundation is teaming up with us to make it happen.”

Broader Impact

This pilot also aims to promote best practices initiatives for cancer support in Gibraltar, through both the supplementary physiotherapy resources and supporting changes in patients’ post-recovery habits. It’s hoped this fresh look at the full patient care journey may be something which could be a template for patient care in other areas as well.

“Gráinne and the Cancer Relief team have a deep passion to expand cancer support in several significant ways,” said Brandon Sosa, CEO of the Barzilai Foundation. “Their willingness to go beyond the basics to meet the full needs of people impacted by a diagnosis is inspiring to me. This work will change lives for individuals dealing with something truly horrible that we’ve all been impacted by either directly or indirectly. I am grateful our foundation can help amplify their efforts.”