Programs and Initiatives

Our programs are the core of how we fulfil our mission and how we engage with our partners and communities. Each is designed to address specific challenges individuals are facing and fill gaps that other support structures don't meet.

Each program is defined by: tangible outcomes, a realistic approach and point-in-time support.

This job is not only letting me stand on my own two feet and lead a better life for me and my family, but also to support others through their hardships and remind them that there is support out there. I want to be part of other people’s journey.” 


Barzilai Apprentice Program - Apprentice

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These families that are trying to avoid poverty and fight their way out of financial instability are often overlooked. This isn’t just about financial assistance; it’s about hope that they can build a better life and giving them a chance to break free from cycle they are in.”

Nicole Jones

Founder - EV Foundation

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We regularly work with people who are in a tenuous situation. We’re thrilled to have a partner in the Barzilai Foundation that shares our vision for bringing comfort and capability to the patients we host.”
Albert Poggio OBE GMH

Chairman - Calpe House GA

This Grant has took at least some of the burden away physically and mentally it showed us there is hope don’t give up.
I pray one day I will be in a position to help this charity to help others, so you can continue this work.
This help/grant have been a huge positive help for me and my children."

Hardship Grant Recipient

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This job has changed my life. It has not only changed the life for my three kids and my mom but has also changed me. It has given me self-esteem, and confidence. I feel so good knowing that I am not just helping my family but also helping others in my work with EV.”


Barzilai Apprentice Program - Apprentice

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The number of people looking for support and the urgency of their need has grown at an unprecedented pace. The grants we provide in moments of crisis can prevent an onslaught of financial distress, and never has that been of greater need than during this avalanche of external pressures hitting low-income families and individuals.

Ali Russell

CEO - National Benevolent Charity

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I want to say thank you to the EV Foundation and The Barzilai foundation for helping me when I needed it the most, for helping me when I thought I had no one. I am so thankful for everything they have done and continue to do for me. It has been a great impact in my life.”


Barzilai Apprentice Program - Apprentice

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We are delighted to be announcing this Access to Nursing Bursary. Employability is a key focus for the University and providing opportunities for individuals to further their career goals lies at the heart of the University’s mission.”

Krystle Robba

Registrar of University of Gibraltar

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