Undergraduate Studies Bursary 2024-2025 Academic Year Cohort

Welcome to the application for the Undergraduate Studies Bursary. This cost of living bursary is for high-potential, low-income Gibraltar students that have been accepted to out of country universities and who may not be able to attend university outside of Gibraltar due to cost of living. The bursary is administered by the Barzilai Foundation Trust and EV Foundation Trust in collaboration with Bayside School, Westside School and Gibraltar College, sponsored by the Barzilai Foundation Trust.

On this page we will provide an overview of the bursary program, details on qualification criteria, access to our privacy policy an application form to apply for the bursary and bursary funding guidelines. Application provided will be used by the selection committee to determine an applicant's qualification and select recipients.

The bursary application will be open through July 15th, 2024. The selection committee will award up to 8 annual bursaries. Bursaries may renew for up to 3 years of university study, requiring continued enrollment and satisfactory academic progress.

These bursaries are for students who have successfully completed studies at partner schools within the past two years (Bayside School, Westside School, Gibraltar College of further education).

Applicants are not eligible if they do not apply for and/or are not approved for the ‘Mandatory’ Award offered by the (HM) Government of Gibraltar (proof of application is required).

Demonstration of Financial Need:

The Barzilai Foundation Undergraduate Studies Bursary is for individuals who have a financial need that may create a barrier to accessing higher education. These bursaries are limited to individuals who can demonstrate financial need and the potential to be successful in their university degree programs. In this section we will provide you with a general definition of financial need. If you feel you possess a financial need, please provide details in this section. If you are selected as a recipient, you may be asked to provide supporting proof income or of financial need.

Definition of financial need:

Financial need refers to the requirement for adequate funds to meet daily living expenses and achieve financial stability. This includes expenses such as housing, food, transport and other essential needs. It is difficult to determine a specific monetary amount that constitutes financial need in Gibraltar as it can vary greatly depending on an individual's or family's circumstances. However, a household's income should be sufficient to cover their basic living expenses, with some room for savings and emergency funds.

Data Usage and Privacy

We take your privacy very seriously. Please visit https://barzilaifoundation.org/privacy-policy, to view our privacy policy as it contains important information on who we are and how and why we collect, store, use and share your personal information. It also explains your rights in relation to your personal information and how to contact us or supervisory authorities in the event you have a complaint.

Bursary Application

As part of the application review process, we will be evaluating several areas including: applicant’s financial need, overall character, academic performance relative to their potential, behaviour history and the quality of the application. We will work with referrers to provide information as necessary.

The application will collect basic information about you (Questions 1-11). An opportunity to provide context on any personal qualifications that the applicant feels warrants special consideration or explanation (Questions 12-17). And information regarding an applicants financial need (Questions 18-22).

Questions marked with an asterisk* are required and application can not be submitted until they are completed. Some questions have word count parameters, responses that do not fall within these parameters will not be considered completed or reviewed.

By submitting an application, you confirm that your answers are true and accurate to the best of your knowledge, and that you have read and agree all terms and conditions on this page including bursary fund guidelines below, as well as our privacy policy linked above.

Bursary Disbursement Guidelines

Bursary funds can only be used for approved expenses related to ongoing studies at university. Guidelines for bursary fund uses are outlined below. Students who are no longer enrolled in university program must return any unused, disbursed funds. Students who do not complete their program of study may not use bursary funds to pay off any debts associated with university enrollment, including but not limited to; government grants, student loans, consumer or personal loans.

The below guidelines for bursary award funding are to provide applicants with information as to they types of spending reimbursed and the amounts. These are not a commitment of funds and all amounts are "up-to" values, only realized expenditures will be reimbursed. Funding amounts and categories are up to the sole discretion of the Bursary Management team and may require proof of expenditure by the recipient.

All applicants who are selected to receive a bursary MUST attend a group info session that will provide further detail on the disbursement process as well as how to communicate with the bursary management team. Recipients will take a group photo at the event that will be part of the announcement of this years cohort.

The bursary management team will follow up with individual recipients to check in on academic performance, progress and continued enrolment throughout the academic year. Compliance with this is mandatory for the continuation of the bursary. Also, understanding the impact of the bursary is critical to our continuance of the program, recipients will be asked to share how the bursary has created impact for them during their degree program.

Disbursement Guidelines:

Term 1: Up to £3,200

  • Startup Costs
    • Initial Accommodation Deposit: Up to £300
    • Upfront costs: Up to £1,500
      • Recommendation for how this breaks down:
        • Initial house supplies (e.g., houseware, groceries): Up to £600
        • Initial education supplies (e.g., laptop, course supplies): Up to £900
    • All receipts for the costs above should be handed in 3 weeks after start date. Should they not, all grants that follow would be put on hold or declined.
  • Ongoing Costs
    • Cost of living stipend: £900 (£75/week) for weeks spent abroad during academic year.
    • Up to £500 one off costs (e.g., unexpected travel, parent/guardian travel).
      • At discretion of Foundation, should be applied for before spending.

Term 2: Up to £900

  • Cost of living stipend: £900 (£75/week) for weeks spent abroad during academic year.

Term 3: Up to £900

  • Cost of living stipend: £900 (£75/week) for weeks spent abroad during academic year.