PATHS Vocational Training Program Empowers Gibraltarians

PATHS Vocational Training Program Empowers Gibraltarians

The right education and training can equip a worker for continued professional success. Without access to that kind of training, though, unemployed workers or even lower wage employees face barriers to pulling themselves out of a poor financial situation. Those skills are the key to creating a whole new existence.

The Barzilai Foundation is supporting His Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar on the launch of PATHS, a program designed to provide upskilling to individuals seeking to acquire employment or advance to a higher-paying position. PATHS (Professional Advancement through Holistic Skills) creates opportunities and access for individuals who are willing to work for a better future.

The program will provide apprenticeship and training in fields that have openings in the local employment market, such as retail and construction. PATHS participants will have access to professional certification courses, receiving support from the program to complete and obtain those certifications that qualify them for job opportunities in the community.

In addition, PATHS will provide career support services, preparing participants and their CVs for the job market and onboarding onto their new careers.

“PATHS is going to make meaningful differences in the lives of people who are ready to work hard to change their situation,” said Brandon Sosa, CEO of the Barzilai Foundation. “We’re eager to see that hard work turn into results, both for the program and for these individuals are putting in the effort to improve their lives.”