Support for Well-Being

We provide a temporary defence for individuals at risk of being overwhelmed by circumstances that threaten their well-being or independence.

Our programs have reached individuals struggling with challenges such as illness, bereavement, loss of income, poverty, and human trafficking.

Our impacts have included safety and food for families, expanding medical care in communities, and households maintaining adequate living conditions.

Our Support Programs

Our support programs currently fall under three initiatives:

Hardship Grants: Targeted needs met through rapid point in time grants funded by Barzilai Foundation and administered through our partners.

Exceptional Needs Grants: Larger grants to deal with substantial life obstacles, primarily referred by our partners. We work closely with each recipient to find creative solutions to exceptional needs.

Access to Health Care: There are many barriers to individuals being able to obtain adequate health care and for communities to provide it. We look for opportunities to improve access by looking at both individual and provider needs.

Spotlights of our Support Impact

Here we share stories of individual impacts from our support. These stories represent the realization of our mission.

Names and personal details of individuals may be changed for privacy.

Creating Opportunity

Learn about our work facilitating growth in aspiring individuals

Spotlights of Our Impact

Read stories of individuals impacted