Opportunity for Advancement

The same opportunity can look different through the eyes of someone facing barriers. The Barzilai Foundation seeks to remove those barriers, allowing individuals to take control of their life and develop their own future.

Our programs have reached individuals and families who are rebuilding their lives, high potential students overcoming adversity, and low-income households trying to provide a pathway to success for their children.

Our impacts have included families achieving financial independence and leaving welfare support, homeless individuals obtaining employment and a place to live, and high potential students being able to pursue further education and a better future.

Our Opportunity Programs

Our opportunity programs currently fall under two initiatives:

Education Access: Studies repeatedly show the positive impact education and vocational training has on an individual's financial stability and the future stability of their children. We remove barriers to education through bursaries and scholarships that target students who have financial need and strong potential.

Apprenticeship and Work Experience: We create employment opportunities for individuals who are trying to enter or re-enter the workforce. In collaboration with our charity partners and community businesses we create jobs that provide trade knowledge, build experience, serve the community and ultimately give opportunity for financial independence.

Spotlights of our Opportunity Impact

Here we share stories of individual impacts from our opportunity initiatives. These stories represent the realization of our mission.

Names and personal details of individuals may be changed for privacy.

Providing Support

Learn about our work supporting vulnerable individuals and families

Spotlights of Our Impact

Read stories of individuals impacted