Access to Nursing Course Bursary

Welcome to the application for the Barzilai Foundation Bursary for Access to Nursing Course at University of Gibraltar. The below application will gather information to allow the selection committee to determine an applicant's qualification and select recipients.

For the 2024 course, up to 8 bursary recipients may be selected for an award of £1,550 per bursary to cover the cost of course fees. Determination of recipients will be based on financial need (primary factor) and narrative on how the course fits into their life path forward.

Application to the Access to Nursing Course is required for eligibility.

Questions 8 to 13 are in regard to an applicants financial need. A general definition of financial need is provided below.

Demonstration of Financial Need:

The Barzilai Foundation Bursary for the Access to Nursing Course is for individuals who have a financial need that may create a barrier to access or hinder their ability to access higher education. These bursaries are limited to individuals who can demonstrate financial need and willingness to continue on the BSc Adult Nursing Programme. Here we provide you with a general definition of financial need. If you feel you possess a financial need please provide details in questions 8-13. If you are selected as a recipient, you may be asked to provide supporting proof income or of financial need.

Definition of financial need:

Financial need refers to the requirement for adequate funds to meet daily living expenses and achieve financial stability. This includes expenses such as housing, food, transport and other essential needs. Financial need can also refer to the requirement for funds to meet long-term financial goals, such as purchasing a home. It is difficult to determine a specific monetary amount that constitutes financial need in Gibraltar as it can vary greatly depending on an individual's or family's circumstances. However, a household's income should be sufficient to cover their basic living expenses, with some room for savings and emergency funds.


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Application Form

Required questions are denoted with an asterisk, application will not submit until all are completed.*